Our Offerings

We don't try to be everything for everyone. We focus deeply on a few industries and functional areas and prove this focus by hiring industry leaders, expanding expertise through training academies and certifications and making strategic investments in technology and new capabilities.

Our Industries

Banking and Financial Sectors

Mortgage – Retail Banking and Credit – Capital Markets


Revenue Optimization – Customer Experience Improvement – Total Population Health Management – Payment Integrity

Corporate Legalities

Legal Affairs – Corporate Affairs – Compliances

Transportation and Logistics

Ocean Carriers – Supply Chain & Logistics – Trucking

Travel & Leisure

Airlines – Rental Vehicles – Hospitality – Travel Management


Energy – Home Services – Water – Metering

Services and Operations


Business Process as a Service is an integral asset when it comes to use. We offer a range of proprietary and partner solutions to drive process transformation and BPaaS adoption. With them Prog360 has helped clients modernize financial systems, transform SG&A cost structures, optimize Finance & Accounting service delivery, and turn operations and processes from good to best in class.


The Prog360 Consulting practice focuses exclusively on addressing the operational needs of our customers from design to implementation, assuring outcomes along the way. Our experienced practitioners target operating-model design, process optimization, technology implementations, effective use of data, and deep domain expertise to meet clients' ever-changing business needs.


Our framework solutions delivers greater value much faster than traditional business process outsourcing. It leverages years of industry and process management experience, volumes of industry data, proprietary analytics methodologies and an inventory of automation tools, wrappers and platforms.


Many CFOs today are being asked to expand their responsibilities beyond traditional finance and become true business partners, influencing enterprise-wide strategy and providing insights that improve business performance and better manage risk.


Our practice focuses exclusively on addressing the operational needs of customers, from design to implementation, assuring outcomes along the way. We provide dedicaed contact and support center that you can use as an extension to your capabilities thereby helping you cater your business even better.


Using technology solution to reduce costs and improving efficiency has been at the core of the BPM industry's evolution.

Data Capabilities

Data Strategy

Prog360 assessments leverage a proven methodology to evaluate the maturity, efficiency, and effectiveness of a data management program and provide a strategic roadmap to implement incremental changes to unlock the business value of data.

Data Governance

Prog360 has the expertise to set up new data governance programs for data value optimization across the enterprise. Prog360 leverages a proven approach to help you extract value out of your data. To be successful, data governance must be customized to fit your organization. Our approach focuses on understanding the environment and stakeholder perceptions.

Data Architecture

Data architecture encompasses standards, proven methodology, processes, and practices that provide the enterprise with a well-defined approach to capture business requirements and translate them into an integrated data environment. A well-defined data architecture provides the ability to meet data volume, latency, quality, volatility, variety, auditability, traceability, security, and integration requirements. It serves as a guide for current and future data projects.

Cloud BI Solutions

The cloud can reduce the high capital costs of hardware and software, increase scalability, and enable greater agility of your environment. However, deploying your data management in the cloud can be a daunting proposition. In addition to the overwhelming number of vendors and cloud offerings available, concerns about performance, security, and reliability can overshadow the substantial benefits that the cloud promises. At Prog360, we have experience with all services in the public cloud from Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). We provide both architectural and deployment services to ensure that your cloud implementation is secure, responsive, and reliable.


Marketing Analytics


  • Complete in-house, multi-bureau credit files refreshed monthly
  • Multi-bureau triggers and x-dates
  • Multiple compiled demographic and property files
  • Proprietary, non-credit insurance and credit risk scores
  • Digital, email, and small business files
  • 6,000+ data attributes on more than 244M individuals


  • Direct mail, digital, targeted television, radio and other addressable media
  • Real-time decisioning platform uses advanced analytics to score and segment online prospects
  • Match and deploy email, social media, and vertical search based on development of audience targets
  • Unique omni-channel database marketing approach


  • Team of 1,950+ talented and highly-trained data scientists recruited from top universities
  • Fluent in complex modeling techniques including multivariate statistical and gradient boosting methods
  • Numerous awards in data mining competitions
  • Extensive in-house training program

Customer Analytics

Prog360 leverages award-winning techniques that utilize structured and unstructured data, such as social media, to help banks target a wide-open small business customer base more efficiently and with a better return. We help clients develop new lending and insurance products and help them increase wallet share.

We go beyond simply analyzing data to improve customer targeting and analyze campaign performance.


  • Customer Acquisition, Attrition & Loyalty Management
  • Channel Effectiveness
    • Broker/Agent Value
    • Compensation
    • Ease Of Doing
  • Portfolio Profitability Management
  • Scorecard Development, Validation & Maintenance
  • Campaign Design, Management & Execution
  • Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Strategy & Implementation
  • Attrition & Loyalty Management
  • Reporting & Analysis

Credit Risk Analysis

Businesses in many industries cite risk and compliance as key challenges. Banks, for instance, are beset by new and evolving regulations with lending model validation requirements they need to scale quickly. Insurers in all sectors are increasingly focused on managing risk and reducing fraud to improve profitability.

With extensive end-to-end modeling experience, Prog360 builds modeling and data attestation frameworks so clients meet internal and external deadlines. We combine scale and speed with a deep understanding of financial and other regulations, and our cost-effective execution and fast-track delivery have helped companies dangerously behind schedule. Prog360 has reduced transaction fraud, improved loss forecasting models, and within 90 days rolled out multi-country models for BASEL compliance.

  • Retail & commercial credit risk modeling
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Risk scorecard development, validation & maintenance
  • Fraud monitoring & fraud system augmentation
  • Monitoring & management of application approvals, credit line decisions, rewards provisioning

Finance and Investment Analytics

Data analytics provide CFOs powerful information to drive investment- making decisions. Prog360 helps CFOs with numerous services to increase visibility into financial performance, improve business forecasting and assess strategic priorities such as FX hedging, expansion, corporate investments and M&A. Whether netting savings of tens of millions of dollars through SG&A forecasting and financial targeting model design or optimizing variance forecasting. The depth and quality of our analysts along with our speed of delivery simply cannot be matched in the marketplace.

  • Business planning
  • Shareholder value assessment
  • Competitor analysis
  • Investment identification and assessment
  • Business plan validation
  • Backward testing of investment strategies
  • Info memos pitch book
  • Investor search
  • Assessment
  • Business plans and projections